2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

NU 310 Pathophysiology

This course focuses on pathophysiology as it relates to the nursing actions and responsibilities needed to manage and provide care for clients who are experiencing acute or chronic physiologic health conditions. Reduction of risk potential including complications from existing conditions are explored as well as health promotion and disease prevention as it relates to the disease process. References to the aging process and genetics and their impact on pathophysiology will be included. Content builds on prior anatomy and physiology concepts learned in prerequisite coursework. Content from this course is the foundation for subsequent clinical courses in the program.  

A prerequisite to NU 300, NU 330, and NU 340




NU 205/205L Foundations of Professional Nursing and NU 220/220L Pharmacology & Nursing Implications; Pre- or Corequisites: NU 215/215L Health Assessment and BI 161/BI 162 Introduction to Microbiology with Lab