2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

CIT 201/202 The Human Journey Seminars: Great Books in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

These two seminars are Sacred Heart University's academic signature core. They provide students with an interdisciplinary, foundational understanding of the Catholic intellectual tradition from the classical to the contemporary periods. Using seminar pedagogy, these two seminars give students an understanding of the roots and development of the Catholic intellectual tradition as an ongoing, 2,000-year conversation between the Catholic community of thinkers, writers, artists and the cultures in which they have lived, asking fundamental questions about God, humanity, society, and nature. In addition, the seminars introduce students to fundamental claims of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition; enable students to understand that Tradition as characterized by open, rigorous intellectual inquiry in the context of a faith tradition; engage students and faculty in seminar discussion; and enable students to see the value of this Tradition in the contemporary world help develop students' reading, writing, and speaking skills.


3 CR each