2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

College of Health Professions



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Associate Dean and Director, Clinical Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy


Associate Dean and Clinical Associate Professor of Human Movement Science

The College of Health Professions seeks to foster the development of women and men who demonstrate intellectual and professional integrity, who value compassionate service to others, and who take leading roles in communities governed by spiritual and moral values.

As a professional college within a Catholic university rooted in the liberal arts tradition, the College of Health Professions is committed to providing an education built upon deep respect for the dignity of the human person and a recognition of the responsibility of each individual to contribute to the building of a more just society. All professional programs in the college are accredited and approved by the appropriate professional and government agencies.

Specifically, the college strives to teach the skills necessary for developing ethical responses to new and ever-changing circumstances of a future filled with discoveries, technological advancements, and social change.

The college provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge, experience, skills, and values necessary to begin a first career, to advance in an existing career, and to prepare for new career challenges in response to the changing needs of society.

The college’s cooperation with professional partners in the community ensures that students benefit from an integration of academic, internship, and clinical experiences. This collaboration also enriches the education and healthcare endeavors of the community and installs an ethic of community service among students. The college is committed to professional and academic excellence and measures this by the quality of its faculty, programs, resources, and student achievements.